Fear vs Intuition: Making Inspired Decisions

A training for those who crave clarity during big decisions, who linger in indecision a little too long, and who are downright afraid to make mistakes.

Second guessing your intuition sucks. It leaves you burnt out, overworked, and stuck.  The "back and forth" when making a decision to only second guess it later would leave any sane person exhausted and full of self-doubt.

This 40+ minute soul-expanding training will gut punch your ego and fill that empty void with excitement and ease during the decision-making process. 

This Is Meant For You If:

* You say, "This is my year!" every year, and nothing has changed.

* You have ever trusted yourself and it didn't work out, maybe even caused you heartache, and now you question your every move.

* You are a master at creating Pro and Con lists that are always balanced.

* You have been led to believe that you are crazy for having a "knowing."

You Will Learn:

It's Fear Talking

Learn the difference between what your intuition feels like and when fear is just holding you back.

What To Do With Doubt

How to stop second-guessing yourself before and after you follow your intuition. 

Inspired Action

Close the gap between "where you are now and where you want to be" by trusting yourself like never before. 


Doubt is a normal part of the human experience.  This is just an opportunity for you to return to yourself. 

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