It’s time to remember how limitless you really are.

Discover the invisible barriers that are holding
you back and set yourself free.



It’s time to remember how limitless you really are.

Discover the invisible barriers that are holding you back and set yourself free.
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You’re stuck in a pattern of feeling like you’re wasting your life, and you don’t know how to get out.

You have a deep desire to impact the world and be a positive influence. You’re a big dreamer, you’re driven, and you want to be a part of something greater. But for some reason, you always feel stuck.

Sound familiar?

  • You’re in a daily struggle with stress and anxiety

  • You find yourself overthinking and overwhelmed by negative thoughts

  • You procrastinate and distract yourself through overworking

  • You people-please and worry about what people think of you

  • You worry about money and feel like you’re always living in scarcity

  • On the outside, you look successful, but on the inside, you’re insecure and constantly doubting yourself

  • You feel like your life is going by without you and you can’t stop it

The truth is: you’re not just stuck in a pattern. 

You’re stuck in survival mode because you’ve been taught to live in fear.

You’ve tried therapy, self-help books, and mantras. You tell yourself “You can do hard things!” and “Feel the fear and do it anyway!” but trying to avoid the problem or force your way through it isn’t working.

 You know it’s possible to wake up every morning excited, to leave the stressful 9-5 to pursue your passions, to be present and joyful with your family…but sometimes it just doesn’t seem possible for you.

It’s becoming clearer and clearer that avoiding your fear is part of what’s keeping you stuck.

Deep down, you know pushing and struggling through the days isn’t going to work. You’re ready to discover what’s causing you to live in fear so you can be free from it.

You’re ready to unpack why you feel like you’re not good enough, unloveable, broken, incapable, unworthy, undeserving, or a failure — and liberate yourself, once and for all. 

And there’s no better time than now.



 The groundbreaking, intuitive, online course designed to help you identify the root of your fears and limiting beliefs then reprogram them to unlock your truest potential.

from Ben Harris, The Fear Guy

There is no other course like this on the planet. Fear Alchemy is an immersive experience, a reprogramming, a remembering, a freeing, a journey back to your true self.

Through self-guided modules, you’ll develop the mind and body awareness to identify your fear, discover the foundational fear holding you back, and use Fear Alchemy’s revolutionary breakthrough process to break free from fear, once and for all.

Whatever you’re avoiding or hiding from, wherever you feel stuck, Fear Alchemy will guide you to the root and give you the tools to liberate yourself. It’s time to get beyond the fears holding you back and open your mind and heart to the endless possibilities awaiting you.

It’s time to live your life like fear doesn’t exist.


Here’s how we do it


Introduction to Fear

Transform your current beliefs about fear. Learn what fear really is and how it shows up in your daily life.


Discover Your Fear

Learn how to recognize and track your fear, and discover which foundational fears are holding you back.


Get to the Root and Alchemize

Dive deep into what your specific core fear means and where it comes from to reprogram it and break free.

Every module is accompanied by prompts, examples, and deeply profound questions to help you explore yourself and your fear like never before.


Here’s what you’ll get full access to:

3 Course Modules
including over 30 hours of high-quality video recordings guided by Ben Harris, The Fear Guy

Fear Alchemy Course Guidebook
to accompany every module with self-guided prompts to help you get to the root of your fear

Community Group Chat
via Telegram, to hear transformational stories from fellow Fear Alchemists and share your own

Lifetime Access 
to all course content and materials, so you can revisit the videos and guidebook whenever you need


Plus, on top of all of that life-changing goodness, you’ll also receive:

10 Recorded Breakthrough Sessions 
to witness others free themselves from fear in 1-on-1 coaching with Ben and learn through their process

Personal fear stories from Ben Harris, The Fear Guy
to show real-life, raw examples of how the 10 foundational fears can manifest in your life

Guided Meditations
to help you activate and visualize your freedom from fear on a daily basis and release stress

Podcast Episodes
that will be helpful to you in your journey from living in fear to living in your true power

Behind-The-Scenes Footage
with LOL worthy outtakes and an interview with the filmmaker


“To be honest, I didn’t think I needed this course, but now I know EVERYONE needs this!

-Michelle T.

You may not even realize fear is what’s holding you back.


Fear often shows up in disguise. In this course, you’ll learn which blockage, resistance, or stuck energy is actually your fear talking, and how to transmute it.

You could continue…

Avoiding people, conversations, or responsibilities

Binging on food, social media, and Netflix

Criticizing others or your own appearance

Clenching your fists or grinding your teeth

Hiding behind humor or sarcasm

Staying busy and overworking by choice

Arguing and overreacting to small issues

Deflecting compliments and denying your personal desires

Regretting or romanticizing the past

Procrastinating, worrying, and stressing

But you don’t have to live that way. 
That is your fear talking. Let’s alchemize it.

It’s about time you felt deep in your bones…

You are capable of anything.

You don’t need to be fixed.

You are powerful and limitless.

You are free, loving, and perfect exactly as you are.

Because there's no special quality that makes some people capable, confident, and powerful. It's possible for ANYONE willing to do the work.

And now, you can personally experience the life-changing journey my clients have paid thousands of dollars for.

  • 3 Course Modules
  • Fear Alchemy Course Guidebook
  • Community Group Chat
  • Lifetime access to Fear Alchemy
  • 10 Recorded Breakthrough Sessions 
  • Personal fear stories from Ben Harris, The Fear Guy
  • Guided Meditations
  • Podcast Episodes
  • Behind-The-Scenes Footage


Yours today for

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I believe freedom from fear should be accessible for anyone. All you need is a willing heart and open mind for this course to transform your life.

From the experts

“What a life-changing journey Fear Alchemy will offer so many…we will all benefit greatly!”

Dr. Nicole LePera
aka The Holistic Psychologist
Best-Selling Author of
"How To Do the Work"

“This course will be extremely impactful for anyone who takes it! Ben is an amazing, authentic coach who truly practices what he preaches and leans into fear to alchemize it into freedom!”

Sahara Rose, Best-Selling Author, Podcast Host, and Co-Founder of Dharma Coaching Institute

“Fear Alchemy is best described as practical magic. Ben walks you through a tangible step-by-step process, and the result is nothing short of magical.”

Doug Cartwright, Best-Selling Author of "Holy Sh!t We’re Alive" & Founder of Sales Alchemy


aka The Fear Guy

After years of personally coaching people through their fears, I believe that the transformational experience of freeing yourself from fear should be available to everyone.

That’s why I created Fear Alchemy.

Fear Alchemy is my life’s work, my magnum opus. It’s the amalgamation of everything I’ve taught my clients in my coaching practice, and everything I’ve learned over the years as I discovered the 10 foundational fears holding people back from their true selves and purpose. And now, I’ve made it accessible for everyone.

Because no matter where you come from or how much money you have in your bank account, if you have the desire to make your life better, you deserve access to the tools.

It’s time to shift and expand our collective narrative around fear, so we can stop letting fear run the game, and start making decisions and taking actions out of love. If you take this course, my only ask is that you implement this wisdom into your life and pay it forward.

I designed this course for anyone, but not everyone will be ready.


Fear Alchemy is for you if you are: 

  • Brave enough to look at your limiting beliefs
  • Courageous enough to change your story 
  • Willing to hold yourself accountable
  • Ready to stop letting victim mentality rule over you
  • Truly open and eager to improve your life
Yes, That’s Me! I’m In!

Freedom is within reach!

It’s time to remember how limitless you really are



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