Who is Ben Harris?

Ben Harris is a fear alchemist and intuitive guide. Rooted in love and the superpower of belief in himself and others, Ben is a testament of what possibilities arise when you love fear and trust your inner knowing.

His strong sense of self continues to lead him on an ever-present journey of life. Ben’s path has pivoted many times, in many directions. These broad experiences have created a platform to understand and support clients in overcoming their deepest fears as they return home to themselves.


Believe it or not, Ben's first creative passion and purpose was music. He and a couple friends started rapping together in high school and later formed a hip-hop group that accomplished many firsts for the Salt Lake City scene. The group frequently ventured into the city and asked strangers in the streets if they could rap for them, not for money, but to conquer the fear of performing. Ben had a deep knowing that the way to address his fears was by leaning into them.

At the age of 19, Ben entered a solo rap battle in Brooklyn, NY. With very little performing experience, he was out of his comfort zone. His opponent showed him up, which resulted in motivational fuel being thrown on Ben’s internal fire. The "fear fighting" mentality of seeking out uncomfortable circumstances allowed Ben and his hip-hop group to exercise this muscle on and off the stage.

What started as being booed off a stage, ended in performing for thousands with confidence and applause. Ben and the group got a taste of the life on tour and that's when he decided it was time to take his foot off the gas and steer his life in a new direction.


Starting in a customer service cubicle, Ben began his corporate business journey at 19. Fortunately, he got an early seat on a rocket ship of a company that would go from 50-1,500 employees in a few years. From an outside perspective, Ben’s qualifications would be considered “under-qualified”. However, his challenge-accepting attitude allowed him to propel forward into multiple promotions and the completion of his college degree in business.

Fast forward into his late twenties, he was recruited by a company on the east coast. Choosing to leave the comfort of home, long time tenure at his company, family, girlfriend and general stability, he surrendered to the incredible opportunity. Ben moved across the country unaware of how much his life was about to change.

With the intention of accumulating wealth, he invested into a high-risk cryptocurrency fund. Months later, he was passively making as much (or more) than his corporate job. After much deliberation, he decided to leave the job and pursue his own business. Not long after quitting, the funds began to dwindle. Shortly after that, he was informed that his initial investment had been lost too. Most people would freak out about losing a large sum of money. Ben trusted in his knowing that this was happening for him, not to him. He told a friend who was also invested, “I lost $40,000 so I could learn how to make $40,000.”

The Fear Guy

Ben now calls "losing" that money one of the best things that could have happened to him. It created the space and opportunity for him to align with his purpose. If it weren’t for this, the moment of full surrender would not have been available. He would have been kicking back, chilling, making money on a beach. This was the seed that allowed the idea of “The Fear Guy” to bloom into fruition.

With his offerings of mentorship, intuitive breakthrough sessions, retreats and the Feeling Free podcast, he has returned home to his purpose. The combination of intuitive gifts and human experience have created the service he nows offers to other amazing beings. He chooses to free himself and invites you to do the same.